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AthElite Nation is a 15,000 square-foot Sports Performance Training Facility bringing WORLD CLASS Knowledge, Experience and Expertise to athletes at HOME as well as a National Footprint reaching throughout the Country and abroad. Call today and discover the AthElite Difference!

Developing Thousands of athletes from the Youth to the PROS

AthElite Nation is Home to Youth and High School athletes, Collegiate All-Americans, National & World Champions, and numerous Professional Athletes who have taken their training and performance to the NEXT LEVEL.


As a Sports Performance Facility we are mindful of an athlete’s performance increases but the by-product of our training that too often gets overlooked are the LIFE LESSONS learned from the GRIND of sport that will bleed into every part of an individual’s life-simply making them better people and better equipped for life after SPORT.

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Are you ready to take your performance to the NEXT LEVEL? Come Check out one of the TOP Sports Performance Facilities in the Country — AthElite Nation.

Welcome to AthElite Nation

AthElite Nation was founded on the Principle of Training SMART. Utilizing the Scientific KNOWLEDGE of Training, NOT DRUGS, to gain that COMPETITIVE EDGE.

Our training at AthElite Nation is a System of Training 3 Decades in the making with each training Day, Week, and Block of training building on the previous one.

As each athlete progresses through our programs Training shifts to more complex scientific training methods to elicit greater adaptations for our athletes so they continue reaching NEW Heights.

AthElite Nation has inspired, equipped, and given a competitive edge to thousands of athletes. Through our training we not only provide newfound strength, speed, and athleticism but in turn also build CONFIDENCE, improve SELF-ESTEEM, all the while instilling a VISION of what could be and a ROAD MAP of how to get there.

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Athletes past & present earning post season honors (All-American, All-Conference, All-State, All-Region, All-County from 2021 to 2024)

About Coach Creel

Coach Creel of AthElite Nation is a former Professional Football player, Collegiate Track & Field athlete, World Class Powerlifter, Strongman Competitor and Considered by many as One of the Strongest Men in the WORLD. He’s a LIFETIME DRUG FREE Athlete and certified through USA Track & Field (USATF), USA Weightlifting (USAW) and the NSCA as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) as well as a Graduate of UAB (one of the TOP Ranked Universities in the WORLD). Brian finds no greater joy than helping present and future athletes unlock their potential. In addition to a wealth of personal experience as a Professional athlete, this former Division I and All-American footballer brings a thorough understanding of exercise science and an ability to adapt his knowledge to each athlete to maximize their results.

About Our Training Facility

NOT A GYM – AthElite Nation is a state-of-the art Sports Performance Training Facility designed to Enhance Athletic Performance. -NO FLUFF- Increases to an athlete’s STRENGTH, SPEED, POWER, AGILITY and overall MOVEMENT are the FOCUS of our Programming so you perform at your PEAK! There are different locations throughout the facility devoted to strength training, speed development, sprint analysis, movement assessments, evaluating body composition, and injury prevention. Give us a call and discover the difference today.

Aaron Johnson #60, NFL Kansas City Chiefs/ Arena Football League, Colorado Crush

“Brian Creel’s training philosophy put me ahead of the curve. Because of the work I was doing with Brian I had greater Strength, Speed and Explosion without the negative effects of overtraining. Overall, Brian increased my ability to compete at football’s highest level. I would recommend Brian’s training program to every athlete who wants to reach and exceed their potential.”

Justin Jonus, University of Alabama/ Troy University

“Training with Brian has increased my jumping ability, quickness to the basket, and straight ahead speed tremendously. I’ve been around a lot of good strength and conditioning coaches while at Alabama and Troy. Brian is hands down the best at getting results. In 4 months he was able to improve my Vertical Jump more than in my 5 previous years in College. He continues to play a key role in my success on the court as both a coach and player.”

Mandy Lowman – 3 Time All- C-USA Catcher, 2 Time All- Region -UAB- Pro Softball- Austria

“I trained with Brian the year before I went off to college. I never had any real weight training coming up through high school and in just one year Brian got me to a level at which I was able to succeed at the Division 1 level. Brian is able to see the needs of a specific athlete and train them in a way in which they can succeed at their specific sport. He pushes you to do more than you ever thought you could do and he gets results. I would highly recommend Brian to any athlete that is serious about sports and going to the next level.”

Anthony King , Forward – Pro Soccer player- Blois Foot 41, France. Former Division 1 Soccer Player- UAB

“If your goal as an athlete is to make it to the next level, Brian Creel is the guy you want to help you reach that goal. When I first started with Brian I had no form and no real strength for my sport of soccer. I worked with him during my senior year in high school and also during my time at UAB. Brian’s training got me in the best shape of my life where I turned in some remarkable increases in my upper and lower body strength, vertical, broad jump, 40 yard speed, and all around athleticism. Brian is a great person to work with and to this day I still refer back to what I learned, when training with him. “Success is no accident. It’s hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” (Pele) Brian Creel will teach you and give you the tools you need, but you must be willing to work and give your all to reach your goal.”

David Sigler, H-Back, UAB 2003 – 2007

“I trained with Brian for 13 weeks in preparation for my Pro Day with the NFL. After my training with Brian, I was bigger, stronger, and faster than I was during my 5 years playing football at UAB. Brian put me in the best possible situation at making an NFL roster. Brian’s technique and strength training will give any athlete the best chances at succeeding in their sport. If you want results, Brian will surely deliver!”

Mick Hedgepeth, Pro Basketball- Spain

“I worked out with Brian for four months prior to starting my college career. In that short time his unique training techniques allowed me to add more muscle and quickness than in the three previous years of training on my own. As there is a giant leap from high school to college in terms of speed and physicality of the game, training with Brian gave me added confidence and was crucial to my success as a freshman as well as throughout my college career. As a first-year player in Europe, I look forward to returning home and working out with Brian in the off-season.”

Journey Oden- LaGrange College Volleyball Signee, Owner of several High School records at AthElite Nation— Deadlift of 500lbs, Squat of 425 and a 1 Board Press of 265

“I’ve been training at Brian Creel’s facility since the 7th or 8th grade,” Oden told The Reporter on her signing day. “I just remember I couldn’t even run good, and I wasn’t even that strong. I really excelled there, and he just kind of pushed me to be my best self. “I’m still going there today, and it’s just a really great environment for athletes who want to pursue their dream in their sport, or if they just want to get better all around,” she added. “It’s just a great environment to be in at a young age.”

Keith Davis, LB- NFL- New York Giants, University of Southern California – World Renowned Motivational Speaker who has presented in over 50 different Countries… Owner of The Winners Organization

“I’ve had the pleasure of speaking alongside Brian at various events across the Country from California to Texas to Alabama, in schools, churches, prisons, Universities, and FCA camps. I have witnessed firsthand some of Brian’s incredible feats of strength. From bending steel bars, breaking baseball bats, ripping phonebooks, to lifting cars and the occasional truck. Brian Creel is not only one of the strongest people I’ve ever met, but he is also one of the most sincere and passionate individuals when it comes to improving the lives of young people. Truly a Man of Character who talks the talk and walks the walk.”

Devin Wyman, Super Bowl Champion- DE with the NFL’s New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings and Kansas City Chiefs —  AFL with San Jose, Utah and the Dallas Desperados. Owner of The Production Centre, developing and reproducing.

“I’ve had the opportunity of playing against Brian in the AFL. We’re talking about a strong individual. After a few years of competing against one another, we joined teams traveling around the US. Speaking to youth, about power, playing, and patience. I must say, it has been amazing to watch Brian’s transformation from playing football, to becoming one of the Strongest Men in the World. By lifting cars, boulders and pulling trucks. It takes a true mighty man of valor and patience to open their own facility. To train young men and women to become mighty warriors, to not only be strong in their muscles but to be strong in life. Making the Right CHOICES by listening to the Right VOICES. This is what I call a STRONG man! I would absolutely recommend Brian Creel as a mentor/trainer for our children to become better in sports and in life.” ‘Life can be changed one soul at a time.’ ~ Devin Wyman

Tommy Barnes, University of Tennessee- Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning, S&C Coach SEC, C-USA, Multiple Performance Facilities throughout the Country, and Current Tactical Strength and Conditioning Coach for the US ARMY… Training Special OPS

“Brian Creel will always have my fullest endorsement as one of the most knowledgeable strength and speed coaches in the Country, as well as a humble man led by Christ. Brian is the only strength and conditioning coach that I know personally that owns a private training facility, but has all of the knowledge, background, education, and credentials to coach at a Division I University or at the PRO Level. During my tenure at various Universities, I have called Brian when various openings have come available for employment, but Brian declined the positions, expressing a strong desire to open his own training facility to give back to the community and profession that has brought him tremendous success as a World Class athlete, as well as a Professional football player. His commitment to his craft is very evident in his personal quest to remain one of the strongest humans on the face of the earth.”


AthElite Nation is committed to delivering the best training information and results to our athletes. Stay up to date with what’s going on at the Facility with our AthElite in the News section–detailing our facility, athlete performances on the field or court, in the weight room, latest scholarship offers, not-to-be-missed events, training successes and more… Check us out on Social Media and give us a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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By SHANNON J. ALLEN Creel’s AthElite Nation helps take athletes further Brian Creel is a CSCS pro strength and speed coach, USA Track and Field coach, USA Weightlifting coach and owner of AthElite Nation Sports Performance. He is known as one of the strongest men in the world and is a lifetime drug-free athlete. Brian Creel showcases his world-class strength to lift a car. Creel’s AthElite Nation in Boaz is home to collegiate All-Americans, national and world champions and numerous professional athletes from the NFL, CFL, WNBA, professional baseball, basketball, softball and soccer. Read...

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