Combine Prep


AthElite Nation is proud to prepare athletes for the NFL Combine, Pro Days, and other Professional League tryouts with our Combine Prep Program. What better person to get you results and prepare you for the BIGGEST JOB INTERVIEW OF YOUR LIFE than someone who has been through and excelled at these all important job interviews as a Professional Athlete as well as a COACH to these high level athletes. Coach Creel will break down each test at the combine and customize training to the specific needs of each athlete by means of an in depth assessment regarding the athlete’s current condition in order to diagnose strengths and weaknesses and develop a comprehensive training plan that maximizes performance.

AthElite Nation has helped numerous athletes compete at the Highest levels from the NFL, CFL, Professional Baseball, Basketball, Softball, and Soccer. Whether you’re a HS athlete looking to Impress college coaches in hopes of an Athletic Scholarship or you’re on the other end of the spectrum just completing your Collegiate career and are ready to embark on your path to the NFL DRAFT we can help you reach your potential with an in depth training plan so when you arrive on this BIG DAY you are PREPARED!


• Strength
• Linear Speed / Proper Sprint Mechanics
• Change Of Direction
• Power Development
• Foot Eye Coordination
• Proper lifting techniques & Restoration
• Static & Dynamic Flexibility
• Mobility
• Injury Prevention
• Nutrition
• Program Design By A Professional Strength & Speed Coach (CSCS) (USA Weightlifting) (USA Track and Field) and Professional Athlete

Specialized Training Facility

We are a Sports Performance Training Facility designed to Enhance Athletic Performance. -NO FLUFF- Increases to an athlete’s STRENGTH, SPEED, POWER, AGILITY and overall MOVEMENT are the FOCUS of our Programming so you perform at your PEAK!

Backed by Science

AthElite Nation was founded on the Principle of Training SMART. Utilizing the Scientific KNOWLEDGE of Training, NOT DRUGS, to gain that COMPETITIVE EDGE. Knowledge gained through years of Formal Education at One of the Top Universities in the World- UAB, Experience as a Professional athlete training with and learning from Top Tier coaches—from Olympic Sprint coaches and Olympians to some of the Top Strength coaches and Strength Athletes in the World—as well as being a Top Coach in the Field to Thousands of athletes over the years all with the goal of ensuring your success.

System of Training

The training at AthElite Nation is a System of Training 3 Decades in the making with each training Day, Week, and Block of training building on the previous one. As each athlete progresses through our programs Training shifts to more complex scientific training methods to elicit greater adaptations for our athletes so they continue reaching NEW Heights.