The Facility

World Class Training in your own Backyard

When you combine our World Class Training, coupled with the ELITE Programming & Training Expertise headed up by a Pro Strength and Speed coach- CSCS, a Former Professional Football player, World Class Strength & Speed athlete, and One the Strongest Men in the World you have a combination that ensures your success! All we need is your DRIVE and DETERMINATION and we’ll handle the rest!

AthElite Nation is a 15,000 square foot training Facility for athletic development, fitness & sport science excellence. The facility features a 40 yard x 25 yard Turf Field utilized for Speed Development, Agility, Plyometric Training, Flexibility, MyoFascial Release (SMR), and Dynamic Warm Ups… a 3,250 square foot weight room, a 2500 square foot Private Strongman Training Zone, Nutrition Refueling Station, AthElite Store and SCREENING AREA to ASSESS MOVEMENT, Analyze Sprinting, and evaluate Body Composition. The training area is furnished with the latest equipment from some of the TOP Suppliers in the industry. The facility consists of several different areas that help the athlete maximize their POTENTIAL and reach their GOALS.

Outside area for linear speed development
Three lanes ranging in distance of 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, and 100 yds
Turf Field
A 40 yard x 25 yard Indoor Turf Field
Weight Room
A state-of-the-art weight room designed with the purpose of getting athletes brutally STRONG.
Arm Care area
For athletes involved in baseball, volleyball, softball, swimming, tennis, and Track & Field… This part of our program will assist the athlete in staying healthy and on the Field/Court doing what they love, all the while enhancing performance. (Increased Velocity for Pitchers etc.)
This area is used for sprint analysis, assessing movement, and to evaluate body composition (% of Body Fat, Bone, Water and Lean muscle), along with an in-depth look at hydration levels (Total Body Water- Intracellular & Extracellular water), visceral fat, metabolic rate, and a segmental lean analysis to ensure the athlete is symmetrical and the muscles are adequately developed throughout the body to maximize performance and prevent injury.
Additionally, the facility has 6 battle rope stations for group fitness, and other Equipment that facilitate this type of training (sleds, oversized tires, medicine balls etc.).

Specialized Training Facility

We are a Sports Performance Training Facility designed to Enhance Athletic Performance. -NO FLUFF- Increases to an athlete’s STRENGTH, SPEED, POWER, AGILITY and overall MOVEMENT are the FOCUS of our Programming so you perform at your PEAK!

Backed by Science

AthElite Nation was founded on the Principle of Training SMART. Utilizing the Scientific KNOWLEDGE of Training, NOT DRUGS, to gain that COMPETITIVE EDGE. Knowledge gained through years of Formal Education at One of the Top Universities in the World- UAB, Experience as a Professional athlete training with and learning from Top Tier coaches—from Olympic Sprint coaches and Olympians to some of the Top Strength coaches and Strength Athletes in the World—as well as being a Top Coach in the Field to Thousands of athletes over the years all with the goal of ensuring your success.

System of Training

The training at AthElite Nation is a System of Training 3 Decades in the making with each training Day, Week, and Block of training building on the previous one. As each athlete progresses through our programs Training shifts to more complex scientific training methods to elicit greater adaptations for our athletes so they continue reaching NEW Heights.