Training Programs



Our sports performance training program includes athletes of all ages across a wide variety of sports who have utilized our services to increase performance and stay healthy. Athletes represent sports such as football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, gymnastics, and competitive cheer to swimming, cross country, track & field, golf, hockey, triathletes, and powerlifters. While there are many similarities across power speed sports, there are also many differences which are taken into account to enhance performance and stay healthy as the athlete progresses.

A training system 3 decades in the making, AthElite Nation has inspired, equipped, and given a competitive edge to thousands of athletes. Through our training we not only provide newfound strength, speed, and athleticism but in turn also build confidence, improve self-esteem, all the while instilling a VISION of what could be and a ROAD MAP of how to get there.

The programming is age appropriate, a 9 year old will not train like a 14 year old, and a High Schooler will not be doing what the TOP TIER Division 1 athletes are doing, those programs are designed for an ELITE Athlete. The training must adhere to scientific training principles in order to get great results over time.

I’ve heard it said before… It’s not Rocket Science” – EXACTLY– “it’s Exercise Science and you must know it in order to develop an athlete to their greatest potential- that is exactly how we have developed thousands of athletes from the youth to the PROS. When it comes to Sports Performance there’s no other educated choice…

Our Training Programs include:


Designed for young athletes in a fun, positive, and competitive environment to help increase strength, speed, flexibility, coordination, and general fitness among others. This program helps build character and will help boost confidence and self esteem. All training is age appropriate- Remember young athletes are not miniature adults and their training should reflect that. This is specific programming for young athletes to ensure their safety and long-term development. Creating the foundation is what we are after.


Designed for middle school athletes but is a perfect fit for an older athlete with a lower training age. Each program builds on the previous incorporating more complex movement patterns, increased volume, frequency, and higher intensities in the weight room and a variety of athletic movements. The focus at this level remains on patterning proper movement, sprinting, jumping, landing, accelerating, decelerating, and lifting technique to give the athlete a HIGHER CEILING throughout their Sporting future- setting the foundation for more complex training later on.


This class is for the high school athlete developing strength, speed, power amongst a host of other training abilities. A program designed to take athletes to the NEXT LEVEL… from taking a starting position on their high school team to earning a full ride scholarship at the collegiate level is the aim. As each athlete progresses through our programs at AthElite Nation training shifts to more complex scientific training methods to elicit greater adaptations for our athletes improving strength and overall athleticism. More often than not High School athletes will stagnate in their training requiring well thought out programming-especially if the athletes are older in regards to training age.


Over the years this class has been home to collegiate athletes who have been looking for a place to train when they are off campus during the summer or winter breaks, have hit the transfer portal, or are out of high school looking to train and walk on to a collegiate team. During this downtime we are here to make sure that when you return to campus you haven’t taken steps back and detrained but have maximized your performance.


A class designed for Adults who are wanting to get fit, increase strength, gain muscle, stay in shape, move better, feel better and lead a healthier lifestyle so they can perform well in the game of Life

NFL/HS Combine Prep

Performance Preparation from the NFL Draft Pick to the High school athlete- With so much stock being put into these tests whether you’re finishing your Collegiate Career looking to go PRO or you’re a high school athlete looking to earn a scholarship by catching the eye of college coaches you want to be prepared for this all important job interview.


• Strength
• Linear Speed / Proper Sprint Mechanics
• Change Of Direction
• Power Development
• Foot Eye Coordination
• Proper lifting techniques & Restoration
• Static & Dynamic Flexibility
• Mobility
• Injury Prevention
• Nutrition

Specialized Training Facility

We are a Sports Performance Training Facility designed to Enhance Athletic Performance. -NO FLUFF- Increases to an athlete’s STRENGTH, SPEED, POWER, AGILITY and overall MOVEMENT are the FOCUS of our Programming so you perform at your PEAK!

Backed by Science

AthElite Nation was founded on the Principle of Training SMART. Utilizing the Scientific KNOWLEDGE of Training, NOT DRUGS, to gain that COMPETITIVE EDGE. Knowledge gained through years of Formal Education at One of the Top Universities in the World- UAB, Experience as a Professional athlete training with and learning from Top Tier coaches—from Olympic Sprint coaches and Olympians to some of the Top Strength coaches and Strength Athletes in the World—as well as being a Top Coach in the Field to Thousands of athletes over the years all with the goal of ensuring your success.

System of Training

The training at AthElite Nation is a System of Training 3 Decades in the making with each training Day, Week, and Block of training building on the previous one. As each athlete progresses through our programs Training shifts to more complex scientific training methods to elicit greater adaptations for our athletes so they continue reaching NEW Heights.
No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.
Hebrews 12:11 (NIV)