“I’ve had the opportunity of playing against Brian in the AFL. We’re talking about a strong individual. After a few years of competing against one another, we joined teams traveling around the US. Speaking to youth, about power, playing, and patience. I must say, it has been amazing to watch Brian’s transformation from playing football, to becoming one of the Strongest Men in the World. By lifting cars, boulders and pulling trucks. It takes a true mighty man of valor and patience to open their own facility. To train young men and women to become mighty warriors, to not only be strong in their muscles but to be strong in life. Making the Right CHOICES by listening to the Right VOICES. This is what I call a STRONG man! I would absolutely recommend Brian Creel as a mentor/trainer for our children to become better in sports and in life.” ‘Life can be changed one soul at a time.’ ~ Devin Wyman