A 6-4 270 pound DE, making that move from Nebraska to one of the TOP Defenses in the 🇺🇸Country- UAB 🐲. Jamin had some BIG improvement in his time at AthElite Nation. Improving his 40yd SPEED going from a 5.05 to a 4.70 during training… Just a Deload away from RUNNING a 4.6 — BODY WEIGHT increasing from 255 to 270- STRENGTH and EXPLOSIVE POWER Improvements as well– Increasing his VERTICAL JUMP by 3 inches in a relatively short amount of time. All the while clearing up movement dysfunction to make a better and more durable Athlete. GOOD LUCK 🍀 at UAB!!
Bodyweight from 255 to 270 pounds
40- dropped from a 5.05 to an efficient 4.70
Broad Jump- Increased from 8’1 TO 9 feet
Vertical Jump- Increased by 3 inches
Deadlift of 515