A 205 lb DB, will be taking his talent to the Plains this fall. John Reese has put in a lot of HARD WORK over his career and especially this summer. His results are as follows… As a somewhat detrained athlete he ran a 5.06 His 40 dropped to a 4.56/ Vertical Jump increased by 4 inches, Broad Jump increased from 8‘6“ to 9‘7“/ Bench press increased from 225 to a 1 Board Press of 285×7 • His best all-time DEADLIFT was 365 pounds we increased that to 520 • SQUAT of 530 up from 365 —
In his time at AthElite Nation John Reese was very Coachable, displayed High CHARACTER, Work Ethic and attention to detail. Thanks for allowing me to Pull this talent out of you & PUSH you to greater heights. With CHARACTER like this success is sure to follow in SPORT and in LIFE. GOOD LUCK at AUBURN!
Bench 225 - Est. 1RM of 350
40- dropped from a 5.06 to an explosive 4.56
Squat- 365 to 530
Broad Jump- 8’6” to 9’7”
Vertical Jump- Increased 4 inches
Deadlift of 365 to 520