“If you and your child are serious about competing at the next level, I highly recommend enrolling at AthELITE Nation. Brian will get them in top shape and put them in the best position to achieve that goal. I put my son with Brian between his junior and senior year of high school. I wish I had put him with Brian years ago! My son weighed a little over 250 pounds when he began training with Brian. After one year, he weighed a little over 290 pounds. In that year, his bench press increased by 125 pounds and he shaved a 1/2 second off of his 40. For him to be able to shave a 1/2 second off of his 40, while gaining 40 pounds is a true testimony to Brian’s program. Thanks to Brian, my son received an NCAA Division II football scholarship to one of the Top Programs in the Country. I truly believe if I had put my son with Brian years ago, he would’ve received a Division I scholarship. Don’t hold your child back any longer. The money that my son received from his scholarship in the first semester alone, would’ve paid for years of training with Brian. My son and I are grateful for Brian’s training and guidance. Brian will not only get your child in the best shape of their life but will also help them become better young men and women. Even if my son hadn’t received a scholarship, I would be grateful for the Christian influence that Brian provided outside of the home. I don’t think you could put your child in a better environment. Thank you, Brian Creel!”