JT enrolled at the end of his Junior year with Big Dreams and the hopes of receiving a football scholarship. After starting only 1 game prior to his senior year JT set out with a VISION in mind. He showed up, TRAINED HARD, TRAINED SMART, was very CONSISTENT, and got BIG TIME RESULTS. He took the starting job on the Offensive Line and never looked back… Receiving a DIVISION 2 SCHOLARSHIP from West Alabama one of the TOP D2 Programs in the Country..

RESULTS- Over the span of a year JT went from a bodyweight of 251 to 288 knocking his 40 down from 5.66 to 5.12. His explosive power increased while gaining close to 40 lbs with a leap of 29.5 inches on the vertical jump, a great display of explosive power for a big man. His bench press increased from 255 TO 380 while his lower body strength gains were equally as impressive Deadlifting 500 x 5 reps = 583 est 1 RM. IT’S ABOUT SACRIFICING WHAT YOU ARE TODAY FOR WHAT YOU WILL BECOME TOMORROW.

1 YEAR- D-2 Scholarship West Alabama one of the Top D-2 Programs in the Country

Bodyweight- 251 going into Senior year to 288lbs by HS Graduation
BENCH- 255 - 380lb
40- 5.66 to a 5.12
VJ- 29.5 an increase of 2" while gaining close to 40lbs
Huge increases to his Lower Body Strength as well with a Deadlift of 585 est. 1RM