JOURNEY finishes her High School career with some ELITE 🏋️‍♂️numbers. An estimated 1RM of 500 on the DEADLIFT, 425 on the SQUAT and a 1 BOARD PRESS of 265 pounds with increased COORDINATION, STRENGTH, SPEED, MOVEMENT, and overall POWER… Journey’s Max HT VERTICAL JUMP measured in at 26.5” // Broad Jump – 7‘6“ // and linear speed improvements from 6.9 to a 5.3 in the 40 yard sprint… STRENGTH & ATHLETICISM that allowed her to be successful in multiple sports in high school and on the volleyball court earning a Scholarship to LaGrange College. —————— Through a lot of HARD WORK, DISCIPLINE, and PERSEVERANCE Journey has earned an ELITE RANKING 🏋️‍♂️🥇at AthElite Nation —— Society throws the word “ELITE” around for almost everything… But here at AthELITE Nation “ELITE” is at the CORE of our SUCCESS; It simply means WORLD 🌎 CLASS👊—— CONGRATS JOURNEY!! #GirlPower💪 #AthEliteNation #TeamELITE #HardWorkPaysOff #EliteSportsTraining #LifetimeDrugFree
1 Board Press - 265
40- dropped from a 6.9 to an explosive 5.3
Squat - 425
Broad Jump- 7’6"
Volleyball Approach…Vertical Jump- 26.5”
Deadlift of 500