Micah enrolled in January of his junior year and was rewarded for all of his hard work with a DIVISION 2 SCHOLARSHIP to DELTA STATE. As a Linebacker where speed is vital he knocked his 40 time down 9/10 of a second going from a 5.69 to a 4.79, His vertical jump increased by 7 inches, Broad Jump increased by 19 inches all the while gaining 25 pounds going from a bodyweight of 222 to 247. Micah’s strength level increases were equally as impressive Deadlifting in the mid 500’s while his bench press increased by almost 100 pounds. These increases were over a span of a year where he participated in multiple sports as well as Show Choir. Micah’s TALENT & HARD WORK are paying off moving him up the depth chart to where he is seeing playing time as a true freshman. Congrats to Micah!
Bodyweight- from 222 to 247 pounds
40- dropped from a 5.69 to an explosive 4.79
Broad Jump- increased 19 inches
Vertical Jump- Increased 7 inches
Deadlift- 550+
Bench- Increased by almost 100 lbs