Noah holds Multiple 6th Grade records- Noah enrolled over the Summer going into the 5th grade – With a good Boost of CONFIDENCE Noah’s had some BIG Improvement in Coordination along with Change of Direction running the Pro Agility in a time of 4.8, Acceleration and Top End SPEED improving from a 6.7 to a 5.12 in the 40yd sprint as a 6th grader. His Explosive POWER improvements from a Vertical of 14” to 24” and A BROAD JUMP of 7’10”- Some ELITE STRENGTH numbers as well with an Estimated SQUAT of 300 LBS. Noah is back in sports and is in the 8th grade now and has continued to progress… the most notable has been his continued speed improvement knocking his forty down to a 4.8 in the 7th grade.
6th Grade Records- 40yd- 5.12] Broad Jump- 7' 10"]- Pro Agility- 4.8] Squat- 300
40- dropped from a 6.7 (end of 4th grade) to an explosive 5.12 in the 6th grade] 4.8 as a 7th Grader
Vertical Jump- Increased from 14 to 24 inches