NOAH SMITH — Noah enrolled as a 13 year old, 5’ 8 ½ 225lb 8th Grader who played soccer and was a Drummer in the Band- Needless to say with his improvement he has been recruited by some of his HS coaches to transition from El Futbol to “American Football”, along with wrestling and Track & Field… although he’s still involved in the band and show choir he finds time for his training. His SPEED has improved from a 6.19 to a 5.50- as a 9th grader– Vertical Jump increased 6 inches– BROAD JUMP up from 5’8” to 7’8” HUGE STRENGTH IMPROVEMENTS as well with one of the Top SQUATS in the WORLD at his age with an EST. 540 SQUAT (405 x 10) in the 8th grade — a 1 Board Press of 330 — Both of these are 8th Grade records along with a 450lb Deadlift which ranks 2nd.


Moving on to the 9th grade he stands 5’10 ½” and has gained up to 286 pounds… His training journey started 20 months ago and just recently knocked down some of the top SQUATS 🏋️‍♀️ in the 🌎 WORLD as a 14 year old… barely missing his 7th rep with 500 pounds; a few months later he hit 500 for 8 reps and now has an estimated one rep max of 635 pounds in the SQUAT, a Deadlift of 510, and a Bench of 390 pounds (some of the TOP poundages in the World at his age). Noah’s overall movement has continued to improve, chipping away at his 40 time which now stands at a 5.38 a few months into his 10th grade year all the while gaining over 60 pounds.

Bodyweight from 225 to 286 pounds (61 lbs gained)
Bench of 390 as a 9th Grader- one of the top Bench Presses in the 🌎 World at his age
40- dropped from a 6.19 to a 5.38
Squat 635 as a 9th Grader - one of the top Squats in the 🌎 World at his age
Broad Jump- 5’8”to 7’8”
Vertical Jump- Increased 6 inches