Varsity / Collegiate

This class is for the HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETE developing strength, speed, power amongst a host of other training abilities. A program designed to take athletes to the NEXT LEVEL… from taking a starting position on their high school team to earning a full ride scholarship at the collegiate level is the aim. As each athlete progresses through our programs at AthElite Nation training shifts to more complex scientific training methods to elicit greater adaptations for our athletes improving strength and overall athleticism. More often than not High School athletes will stagnate in their training requiring well thought out programming-especially if the athletes are older in regards to training age.

We also offer a class that caters to COLLEGIATE ATHLETES who are looking for a place to train when they are off campus during the summer or winter breaks, have hit the transfer portal, or are out of high school looking to train and walk on to a collegiate team. During this downtime we are here to make sure that when an athlete returns to campus they haven’t taken steps back and detrained but have maximized their performance.