“I had the pleasure of meeting Brian Creel about 5 years ago in Beaumont,Texas while speaking in schools, prisons, and Universities. During that week I saw the strength of this man not just in his physical stature, but in his spirit and character. A well accomplished collegiate, pro football player, and strength athlete. Brian exhibits many admirable traits such as honesty, discipline, dedication, knowledge, and overall immense natural physical strength. As a Lifetime Drug Free athlete and 3-Time IPF World Champion I have faced some of the strongest men in the world, with that being said Brian is one of strongest men that I have ever seen. I have personally witnessed him roll a frying pan into a burrito, bend steel bars, and on two different occasions he lifted a Toyota Camry and a 4 door F-150 truck for repetitions. Brian is a man of integrity, character, physical strength, and is by far an amazing role model for the athletes he trains. His tireless journey to educate, encourage, and motivate people is a true inspiration.”