TOBY CAMP, a University of Tennessee Martin (Division 1 FCS) Signee. Toby enrolled his senior year of HIGH SCHOOL weighing 232 lbs and left as a BIGGER, FASTER, and more EXPLOSIVE Athlete weighing in at 262 pounds by the time he reported in July for his first collegiate season. In his time at AthElite Nation he had some HUGE increases in STRENGTH — SQUATTING over 550 pounds, BENCH PRESS up from 275 to 390 coupled with BIG increases in POWER OUTPUT, LATERAL MOVEMENT, along with his SPEED in the 40 yard sprint improving from a 5.65 to an EXPLOSIVE 4.93. Anyone in the facility would tell you that TOBY CAMP was all business when it came to TRAINING… He always showed up each training session ready to PUSH himself and prepare for the NEXT LEVEL. It was a pleasure working with you TOBY- for your WORK ETHIC and your positive influence on the athletes around you… GOOD 🍀 LUCK this Season!!
Bodyweight- from 232 to 262 pounds
Bench- 275 to 390
40- dropped from a 5.65 to an explosive 4.93
Squat - 550+