Trent had some Elite Performance increases in his time at AthElite Nation that allowed him to pull out Multiple Division 1 FBS Offers and be Named as a SPORTS ILLUSTRATED ALL-AMERICAN FINALIST–His improvement helped him land at DUKE UNIVERSITY. He enrolled his junior year increasing his weight from 154 to 170– improving his 4.8 forty when he arrived to the Fastest time at AthElite Nation of 4.25 (This Includes NFL Pro Day Prep Athletes)– a Vertical Jump of 35.5 increasing by 6 inches to an Elite Jump of 41.5”–Max Height Jump of 46 inches a Broad Jump of 9ft improving to a World Class Jump 1 inch shy of 11 feet (performed during a training session so no period of peaking took place)– His Lateral movement is nothing short of amazing on the field, basketball court, or Baseball diamond. When it comes to SPEED Trent is Super Consistent, running 4.25 five different times (the most recent was after an hour of position drills) and in the 4.3 range on 33 occasions. STRENGTH Improvements from a 225 Bench to a Close Grip Bench of 325 in the span of a year and a 460 lb Squat as a Senior.

Bodyweight from 154 to 170 pounds
Bench increased from 225 to a Close Grip of 325
40- dropped from a 4.8 to a World Class 4.25
Squat 460
Broad Jump- 9 feet to 10’11”
Vertical Jump- 41.5 Max Ht. 46 inches